Video Poker Games

Online Casino Video Poker – The Popular Choice: Ever since it originated in the seventies, Video Poker has always been one of the most popular games in online casinos. Video Poker is well known as a simple game that needs quite a bit of skills to win. In online casinos, the machine deals the players with 5 cards that the players can hold or discard and the winner is decided on how the cards are discarded.

There are many strategies and formats including multiple decks for video poker games and the payoffs differ from each other as well. In some variations wild cards, Joker wild cards or both are offered. The best part is that there is a lot of variety and new variations being introduced regularly to retain gamers’ interest.

s Video poker ensures a decent pay-out for the players as it is a low house edge game, which ensures a better winning chance for the players. The players who play with all five coins have a better chance to win; however if you are a beginner and do not feel confident to play with all five coins you can reduce them to suit your skill level.

If you can find a slot club card, use it to your advantage as it carries free cash for playing just like two pairs of hands would give the benefit of a full house. The best advantage of video poker is its simplicity and its interaction scope with many players unlike other games like slots.

Video poker game is not just a game of skill that can be played alone anonymously, but also holds the prospects of big wins. The players play 1 to 5 coins and are free to hold or drop any of the five cards that the machine gives them. The machine offers replacement cards for the discarded ones and pays you off according to the value of your hand.

Unlike many other online games where the advantage is in the favour of the house, in Video poker, most pay tables are in the machine’s favour and return over 100%, if you factor in incentives such as free play, cash back and mailers.

Standard video poker games normally use a 52-card deck and the joker wild games will include one or more jokers in the deck. Once the wager is done and the deal button is pressed, the machine deals the player 5 cards from the deck and the player is free to choose to keep or drop any card. The player will get paid as per the poker value of the hand held by him and the posted pay table.

Make sure to hit casinos that offer real money and free games. Online casino industry is highly competitive and to lure the maximum players, most of the casinos offer daily promotions, events and prizes. Compare the various deals on offer and select the best casino. State-of-the-art software and new editions of games make online sites more popular than the rest. Enjoy a Vegas casino experience without stepping out by playing your favourite video poker games online.