Internet poker can be played in three different ways: Tournaments, Sit and cash. Tournaments and SNGs are especially popular with beginners, because they know in advance how much is risking mass. A cash back is fascinated by more experienced players, as they risk a lot of money, but also gains can accumulate quickly.


Approximately half of all online poker players are playing poker tournaments. Poker tournament’s popularity is not hard to understand: in a big tournament to win the jackpots for pennies. The largest online tournament winnings are hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Poker Tournament at the beginning of each player receives the same amount of chips, usually 2 000 chips. A game is continued until all but one of chips has been unsuccessful. In order for the tournament ends in a reasonable time, between the “levels go up,” or one in every division imposed in the compulsory antes will increase. The players have always rushed to acquire more characters, or they are eliminated.

A typical online tournament involved in online poker rooms a few hundred or thousands of players and pays a 1 – € 100, or ten Euros a pair priced at the most popular tournaments. Wins are directly proportional to the tournament for the participants and the amount of the price (“buy-in”) goes into the pot with the best players will play a role. The winner is usually the pot a quarter, so if you participate in the tournament 10 € 1 000 players, the winner gets € 10 * 1000 * 0.25 = 2 500 €.

The most common tournament game Texas Holdem. Tournaments can be played in other games, and in many different ways. Regular tournaments are popular in addition to re-buy tournaments, which can be a tournament for the first hour to buy more chips if the former is lost.

Sit go of SNGs

SNGs operate in the same manner as tournaments, but are smaller. Typical SNGs usually involved in the tournament, hundreds of players instead of just 6 to 10 players. SNG name Sit Go stems from the fact that the starting as soon as the SNGs table of players seated a desired amount (the bringing 6 or 10).

SNGs are a great way for beginners to learn the real money Texas Holdem poker. SNG players are usually quite poor mix of skills and money to win the third player (2 players 6-person Sit, 3 players of 10 or Sit), so beginners can quickly gain attached to one side.

Cash Game

Cash game players take a certain amount of money According to the table and play for as long as they like. All betting is done directly with money, so the losses and gains are quickly felt. Cash game so good is that it can be played as long or little time as you want. Cash game can jump in just a couple of the division for a period, or to play for hours. Tournaments do not have that luxury, but a tournament, if doing so it must be played until the end – it took it for unlimited time.

Because cash is lost directly to the money, you should start small enough for the game. Can start even if the € 10 Texas Holdem poker. Describe the size of the cash amounts-meaning the maximum amount that can bring to the table and the big blind is about 1/100. € 10 Texas Holdem, therefore, means that the maximum amount of money that can bring to the table is 10 € and the big blind is about 1/100 or 0.1 €.