Mobile Casino Games

Free Casino Games on Your Mobile Phone: All these years’ mobile phones were used for calling and text messaging purposes. Playing free casino games on your mobile phone is a recent innovation. Even though the service was launched only recently, subscribers from all parts of the globe welcomed it with open hands. In this brief article, I will be explaining the technology employed by the cellar companies and the manufacturers of handsets to realize the game play on portable devices like the mobile phone. I do not intent on cramping your brains with the technical intricacies – but I would like to shed light into the paradigms prevalent!

Allow me to state something at this point – not all mobile phones will be able to play these free casino games. The mobile phone should be supporting the technology employed by the game vendor. The games in this niche are usually created for java applications compatible phones and OS compatible phones. Most of the high-end mobile phones operate on the OS while the rest of the pack is compatible with Java applications. Once you are sure that your mobile phone supports either of these, read the following passages.

The most common source of free casino games for your mobile phone is your value added service provider itself. The cellular company that is rendering the voice and data services for your phone usually dons this role. These games are usually located on a remote server that is maintained by your cellular provider. The games can be accessed by utilizing suitable wireless technologies. GPRS and Wi-Fi are the commonly used technologies that will aid in downloading the free casino games from this remote server. Both the above-mentioned technologies are wireless technologies (but you knew that already, didn’t you?).

The game is available for free (remember the free casino games’ tag line). However, you will have to pay for the data transfer between your phone and the remote server. This runs into a few cents. Once the game is downloaded to the phone, you will have to run the game, just like any other compatible application. It is understood that you will be carrying the mobile phone with you at all the times. This paves the way for unlimited casino gaming. You can indulge in gaming when you are on the way to the office/school. If it is the holidays, then the same can be played in the comfort of your room.

The free casino games that are provided by your cellular service provider might not be up to the mark (in certain scenarios). You can search for similar free casino games on the internet. Numerous software vendors are giving away most types of casino games for free. Downloadable, time limited versions are also available. Please buy the game if you like it, never try to source it from somewhere else (read from friends or from the friend of a friend). You might be promoting piracy indirectly. Piracy rules are strict these days hence, beware.