The Craps table in the casino is usually quite lively; it is screaming, cheering and clapping, which is why Craps has the reputation of being one of the most exciting games in the casino. In addition, Craps offers the player a tremendous chance of winning when compared to other games. Nevertheless, one should pursue a certain strategy and make no pointless bets. Therefore, it makes sense to deal in advance with the odds and odds. You will find that it is most likely to roll a seven, because there are six possible combinations.

Of course, the casino will always be in the long term at an advantage, even if the house edge is kept low even with clever strategy. Therefore, the player should focus on the short-term opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the bets here. The simplest bet is the so-called “passline bet”. If the “shooter” throws a seven or eleven, the player wins, but if he throws a two, three or twelve, you lose. In addition to the “Passline bet”, the player can also place the “odds bet”. There are several bets that the player can place. The player can do the “field bets” himself, but the house edge is quite high at 5.55%. The bet “Any 7” means that you bet the next roll will make a seven. However, that’s a pretty bad bet because the house has a 16.67% chance of winning

There are quite a few ways to do his job. In all the forms of bets, however, one should always be careful to keep the house edge as low as possible. The most fun at the table are the “pass” and “come” bets.

Craps Table

A special phenomenon at the craps table is the superstition. Some gamblers believe they can predict the outcome by playing according to a pattern. These players can sometimes spend many hours or even days at the gaming table to record all the results. However, that’s nonsense, because what is true for roulette, which is also valid for craps. Even the dice, like the roulette wheel, have no memory. In addition, the shooter changes over and over again, so the dice are thrown differently each time. In short, the result is based on pure coincidence. Nobody should believe that patterns are a good strategy. If somebody actually made a good profit using this method, then he was just lucky. Therefore, it is better to rely on good bets and not on the dice.

By the way, you can also find craps in the portfolios of online casinos. However, one must remember that there are games that are very easy to implement in an online version; for others, it gets a bit more complicated. Blackjack could already be implemented in the 80s with a simple 8-bit computer. More problematic are games with a more complex game mechanism or with different variants. This includes craps. But this is no longer a problem with the current state of development in technology. But can a computer program satisfactorily simulate the excitement and tension of craps? After all, it’s the dice that makes the most of it. Sure, a random generator can easily produce a result of the throw. But all these nice and amusing instructions on how to weigh the dice correctly and how to throw the dice correctly cannot be duplicated on the PC, which takes away the tension of the game. This means that one should rather visit a land-based casino, if the program misses the whole “ceremonial” at craps when playing online.

Craps in a real casino is fast and lively, so the novice may have trouble understanding the rules of the game. Playing online is a really good option, as most online casinos give players the opportunity to test all games for free. So you can learn the rules in peace, completely without risk and time pressure. The well-meant, but sometimes quite annoying advice from other players, of course, there is not in the virtual arcade. In a real casino, the craps table is sometimes quite loud. It’s even said that you can even find a craps table in the arcade with your eyes blindfolded. All these are phenomena that are not available online, of course.